About Us


This shop showcases the photographic endeavors of Ivy Hutchison, owner of Eyes of the Muse Photography. The studio was first founded in 2008 and has been slowly building momentum since then. This is the result of those endeavors.


Artist Biography

Ivy spent most of her formative years in rural Oregon. During her high school years she was active in track and field, theater arts and yearbook. Later she studied both Biology and Visual Communication at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, Arizona. 

Having grown up in Oregon she enjoyed a unique relationship with the natural world and the plants and animals which we share it with. Clearly this had a lasting impact on her dreams and ambitions as she considers herself first and foremost a 'nature photographer.' 

However she has done event photography, wedding photography and the occasional portrait session as well. She's always interested in honing her skills and improving her mastery of the art. Her other passions include: hiking, botony, swimming, reading, writing and vidoegames. 

Presently Miss Hutchison resides in Phoenix Arizona with her boyfriend and their two cats. 

Artists Statement

In this increasingly fast paced world, it is my aspiration to encourage people to slow down and observe the subtle beauty of the world around them. It is my joy to share a knack for finding tiny moments of tranquility and meaning in a world full of chaos.